What is Music Blender?

Music Blender is an iOS app available on the Apple App Store. With Music Blender, you can create a music playlist of you and your friends’ common music interests. Simply use the app to connect multiple Spotify or Apple Music accounts and, with the tap of a button, create a music playlist full of music that everybody will enjoy. Music Blender is perfect for parties, road trips, holiday gatherings, or any time you need to find music all of your friends and family can agree on. So what are you waiting for? Download Music Blender for FREE today!

Why Music Blender?

The Music Blender app is the perfect solution for finding music everyone can agree on. With this app, you can connect any of your music streaming accounts. Even if you use Spotify and your friends use Apple Music, Music Blender can still find common music to play for everybody. Still think this process may be too complicated? Don’t worry, Music Blender can mesh Spotify and Apple Music accounts together with the tap of a button, no extra work needed. Even if you finish your music playlist, simply blend your accounts together a second time for a new mix of music to play that you and your friends will like.

How does it work?

Your music streaming accounts keep a record of all of the music you have listened to and the music you enjoy. To create a music playlist the whole family or all of your friends can enjoy, Music Blender analyzes multiple music streaming accounts to find each person’s individual preferences and interests. After analyzing everyone’s music interests, Music Blender finds common interests between you and your friends, and creates a playlist based on the songs, artists, and genres everyone enjoys.